Preparing for home renovations or moving house? Perhaps you’re looking for a secure solution for storing vehicles, need somewhere to work, or simply want to create some more space in your home.

Whatever your needs, storage and commercial spaces offer a flexible and affordable solution. These convenient spaces offer a viable option for almost all storage needs, allowing you to keep possession of your cherished items without the need to sacrifice valuable living space.

Storage units, also known as self-storage units, provide enclosed and secure storage spaces that you can rent on a monthly basis.

Our storage facilities in South Woodham Ferrers and Maldon are well-suited for customers with all kinds of different requirements.

Types of storage we offer in South Woodham Ferrers and Maldon

Finding the right storage solution for your needs can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

  1. Personal storage units

Our personal storage units come in a variety of sizes, ranging from compact 10 sq. ft. units to more spacious 230 sq. ft. options. These units serve a range of purposes. Whether you're in the process of de-cluttering your living space or renovating your home ready for sale, personal storage space is very useful as a short term solution.

Both small and large businesses, as well as homeowners facing space constraints, can make use of personal storage units. They’re also useful for small-scale retailers operating out of their homes, who have limited space available for supplies and stock.

If you’re able to commit to long-term storage, you can even get discounted rates, making it a cost-effective choice.

  1. Container storage

It may appear unconventional, but there are plenty of good reasons why shipping containers make excellent storage units. They tend to be slightly cheaper without sacrificing security.

The walls of cargo containers are of sturdy, thick steel construction. This endows them with qualities such as waterproofing, security and durability - all the features you need from secure storage space.

These containers, in contrast to typical structures, are also resistant to dust and come equipped with secure door seals. This combination effectively deters rodents and other wildlife from gaining entry.

  1. Business storage

Self-storage can be useful in a business context too. Examples of the types of business that use it include retailers dealing with a substantial inventory, as well as compact, home-based businesses where space is tight. It’s also a popular choice for businesses that are lacking their own bricks and mortar storefront.

Self-storage units can enhance business efficiency and streamline operations. But even more importantly, they can provide cost-effective solutions to manage your inventory, equipment and asset storage needs.

Rather than incurring the added expenses associated with office expansion or acquiring more commercial space, a business storage unit lets small businesses work from their current location while simultaneously freeing up valuable space within it.

  1. Car storage

Vehicle storage goes beyond the scope of family and personal use vehicles. It also applies to a wide range of business-related vehicles and other vehicles that aren’t in daily use.

You can choose to safeguard both company cars and personal vehicles within a specialised car storage facility when they are not in active use. Opting for a car storage unit can prove to be the ideal solution for preserving the condition of your vehicles and ensuring their longevity.

  1. Caravan, campervan, trailer and RV storage

Caravan, campervan and RV storage can pose a problem for owners living on narrow streets or who have limited space on their property. External vehicle storage solutions can be the answer.

They can also help with safeguarding personal vehicles and preventing damage.

Our storage areas are secure, with good quality hardstanding and plenty of space. This is helpful both for storage and for access in and out of the unit.

  1. Archiving and document storage

Even in our digital world, documents can easily build up, putting storage constraints on small businesses. In the post-Covid environment of home working, that problem has become compounded. Nobody wants a room full of papers and documents.

Document archiving primarily involves the secure preservation of inactive documents. These documents, which remain static, do not require frequent or even occasional access.

The archiving of such inactive documents typically stems from legal or compliance mandates, as well as the anticipation of their need during audits. In short, you don’t really need them, but you’re not allowed to throw them away.

As a result, archived documents must remain easily accessible, even though they may rarely be actively circulated.

If you are looking for storage solutions in the South Woodham Ferrers or Maldon area, get in touch today for a quote.


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